Our most important discoveries and memorable experiences come from those places we’ve been, sights we’ve seen and what we meet on the travel road. Interact with the local people and other travelers. Ask questions to dig deep into cultures and beliefs. Listen attentively. You have two ears and one mouth. Make it your mission to learn as much as you can and engage with those around you. Share your own culture as well.

Help bring the world closer together and show how similar we really all are. You are an ambassador for your home country; represent it in the BEST light. Expand your horizons and embrace those who are completely different to you.

Why go away if you want everything to be like home? You are simply wasting your money and it won’t be long before you find yourself on the next place home.

Sameness is boring. Different cultures, traditions, languages, money, and beliefs makes the world a vibrantly, exciting place. What would there be for us to learn if everything was the same?

Possessions wither away and die. Moments shape our character and the memories stay with us forever.

In 20 years’ time, that Louis Vuitton handbag will not have made a difference to your life and will be a distant memory. The sight, experience, adventure, the fun and bonding moments with love ones, however, won’t ever be forgotten.

LOVE the diversity of the world. Get addicted to it. Travel and make an experience of Golden Memories.


1. Open Your Mind
2. Stretch Your Boundaries. Experience Something New. Discover Yourself
3. Interact. Engage. Listen. Embrace
4. Travel with Awe, Wonder and Gratitude
5. Take Moments and Memories Over Possessions
6. Be Present and Passionate
7. Sloooow it Down
8. Swing in Hammocks at Sunset Often
9. Love That it is Not Like Home
10. Give Back and Share What You Have Learned